Laser Cutting

Precision, Versatility and Affordability
In addition to waterjet cutting, Advanced Cutting Systems also offers precision laser cutting. Although waterjet cutting is a very versatile process, sometimes laser cutting is a more affordable option. Advanced Cutting Systems is capable of cutting carbon steel up to 1/2" thick. Laser cutting is a cost-effective way of producing highly accurate parts. Tolerances of +/-0.001" are routinely held. If you require stainless or carbon steel flat patterns with tight tolerances at an affordable rate, Advanced Cutting Systems laser cutting services are available.
Do you need sheet metal, aluminum, or stainless parts cut?
Do you need parts cut at an affordable rate without the expense of stamping dies?
Do you need very accurate sheet metal parts in a timely fashion?
Then you need Advanced Cutting Systems laser cutting services.
Our laser cutting services offer an affordable method of cutting carbon steel under 1/2", stainless steel under 1/4", and aluminum under 1/8". Our laser cutting systems have also been utilized to cut a variety of other special alloys and certain plastics. Unlike stamping, laser cutting does not require the time consuming and expensive process of manufacturing tooling. Unlike plasma cutting, our laser cutting process produces parts with tolerances of +/-0.001" (depending on material thickness). Typically the edge quality of the cut requires little to no further finishing.
We can work from your prints, drawings, DXF, or IGES files, or we can design a cutting pattern from your specifications.
Just consider the advantages:
  • No tooling required, which translates to shorter lead times
  • Tolerances held to +/-0.001"
  • A wide variety of materials (carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • High-speed cutting translates to affordable parts
We specialize in mid-volume production runs.
If you are in the market for affordable sheet metal parts cut in a timely fashion, call Advanced Cutting Systems.
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