Cutting Virtually Any Material and Thickness
Advanced Cutting Systems has been offering waterjet cutting services since 1992. Waterjet cutting offers an alternative to conventional cutting processes. The process is capable of cutting virtually any material of any thickness. We specialize in cutting heavy plate, special alloys, aluminum, and stainless sheet steel. If you require accurate flat pattern net or near net shapes, Advanced Cutting Systems' waterjet cutting services are available.
Do you need to cut complex shapes without the need for expensive templates, fixtures or stamping dies?
Do you need to cut materials such as Aluminum, Titanium, Tool Steel, or Stainless Steel?
Do you need to cut parts in lots that range in quantity from 1 to 10,000 pieces?
Do you need to cut materials where heat would adversely affect the base material of finished product?
Then you need Advanced Cutting Systems waterjet cutting services.
We can cut through almost any material of any thickness including 4" thick Stainless Steel. Unlike laser cutting, plasma cutting or wire EDM processes, our high-pressure water stream cuts without any thermal distortion, which can result in material fatigue or failure. Additionally, abrasive waterjet cutting leaves a smooth burr-free edge so little or no additional finishing is required.
We can work from your prints, drawings, DXF, or IGES files, or we can design a cutting pattern from scratch from your specifications.
Just consider the advantages:
  • No thermal damage to the base material
  • Minimal or no up front tooling charges
  • Narrow cutting stream (.007" straight water--.042" abrasive waterjet) minimizes material waste
  • No lateral force is generated during the cutting process typically eliminating the need for fixturing
  • Consistent smooth edge quality virtually eliminates finishing expenses
  • Cutting tolerances are controlled to =/-0.005" (depending on material type and thickness)
No job is too big or too small.
If you haven't tested the waters of waterjet cutting, call us and find out why Advanced Cutting Systems is the best place to get your feet wet.
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